September 8, 2007

The Hunting Party

The Hunting Party SynopsisThe Hunting Party is inspired by the true story of a disgraced war journalist (Richard Gere) who enlisted the help of his former cameraman (Terrence Howard) and an eager, wet-behind-the-ears journalism major (Jesse Eisenberg) to track down an infamous war criminal still on the loose somewhere in the backwoods of Eastern Europe. What begins as an impulsive reporting assignment quickly turns dangerous when hostile locals, shady underworld figures and several cases of mistaken identity put them at odds with their objective. As they bluff, con and blunder their way to a scoop, they slowly learn that the truth surrounding the circumstances of his disappearance may be just as elusive as the war criminal himself.

Written and directed by Richard Shepard (THE MATADOR) the movie is based on the Esquire article "What I Did On My Summer Vacation" by Scott Anderson.

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Release Dates:
September 14, 2007
Genre: Action-Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Thriller
Running Time: 103 min.
Director: Richard Shepard
Writer(s): Richard Shepard
Producer(s): Bill Block, Paul Hanson (III), Adam Merims
Distributor: MGM Distribution Company
Tagline: How can they find the world's most wanted war criminal when the C.I.A. can't? [by actually looking]
MPAA Rating: R - for strong language and some violent content.

Movie Casts:

Richard Gere - Simon
Terrence Howard - Duck
Jesse Eisenberg - Benjamin
Diane Kruger - Mirjana
James Brolin - Franklin Harris
Joy Bryant
Dylan Baker - Chet
Mark Ivanir - Boris
Ljubomir Kerekes - The Fox/Lisica
Hélène Cardona - (voice)
Marc Casabani
Miraj Grbic
Aleksandra Grdic
Lejla Hadzimuratovic - Bosnian Woman (voice)
Olja Hrustic - Srdjan's girlfriend (voice)
Goran Kostic - Srdjan
Kristina Krepela - Marda
Semir Krivic
Snezana Markovic
Aleksandar Petko - (voice)
Marinko Prga
Lucio Slama
Branko Smiljanic

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