January 1, 2008

The Eye

The Eye SynopsisSydney Wells (Jessica Alba) is an accomplished, independent, Los Angeles-based concert violinist. She is also blind, and has been so since a childhood tragedy. As our story opens, Sydney undergoes a double corneal transplant, a surgery she has waited her whole life to have, and her sight is restored. After the surgery, Neural ophthalmologist Dr. Paul Faulkner (Alessandro Nivola) helps Sydney with the difficult adjustment, and with the support of her older sister Helen (Parker Posey), Sydney learns to see again.

But Sydney's happiness is short-lived as unexplainable shadowy and frightening images start to haunt her. Are they a passing aftermath of her surgery, Sydney's mind adjusting to sight, a product of her imagination, or something horrifyingly real? As Sydney's family and friends begin to doubt her sanity, Sydney is soon convinced that her anonymous eye donor has somehow opened the door to a terrifying world only she can now see.

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Release Date: February 1, 2008
Genre: Suspense, Horror, Thriller and Remake
Running Time:
Distributor(s): Lionsgate
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for violence/terror and disturbing content.

David Moreau - Director
Xavier Palud - Director

Sebastian Gutierrez - Screenplay (rewrite)
Hillary Seitz (II) - Screenplay (rewrite)
Ryne Douglas Pearson - Writer (Adaptation)
Joe Menosky (II) - Writer (rewrite)

Peter Chan - Executive Producer
Roy Lee - Executive Producer
Doug Davison - Executive Producer
Don Granger - Executive Producer
Mike Elliott - Executive Producer
Michelle Manning - Executive Producer
Paula Wagner - Producer
Gaye Hirsch - Producer
Tom Cruise - Producer
Darren Miller (II) - Co-Producer

Movie Casts:
Jessica Alba - Sydney Wells
Parker Posey - Helen Wells
Alessandro Nivola - Dr. Paul Faulkner
Rade Serbedzija
Rachel Ticotin - Rosa Martinez
Chloe Moretz - Alicia Millstone
Tamlyn Tomita - Mrs. Cheung
Aaron Paul - Actor
Tegan Moss - Teenage Girl
Fran├žois Chau - Mr. Cheung
Girard Swan - Border Officer
Kisha Sierra - Kisha - Party guest
Zak Santiago - Emilio
Cyd Schulte - Violin Ghost Woman
Fernanda Romero - Ana Cristina
Kathleen LaGue - Ward Nurse
Jessica McLeod - Little Girl
Danielle Lozeau - Teenage girl on bus
David Michie - Nurse (voice)
Dylan Scheller - Hospital Patient
Mia Stallard - Little Girl
Chad Brummett - Drunk Guy 2
Z. Ray Wakeman - Market Shopper
Gerald Emerick - Taxi Driver
Brian Gamble - Young guy
Paul McGowen - Car Accident Witness
Danny Mora - Miguel
Burly Cain - Teacher On Bus
Kim Thrasher - Customer
Karen M. Hudson - Villager
David Milchard - Waiter
Landall Goolsby - Alex
Dan Strakal - FBI Agent
Matthew Page - Crash Driver
Brett Haworth - Shadowman
Nicolas Quartermoon Mandelstein - Guy #1

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