September 12, 2007

December Boys

December BoysBecker Entertainment's DECEMBER BOYS, a coming-of-age drama, was filmed on location in South Australia and at the South Australian Film Corporation Studio.

The film marks Daniel Radcliffe's first major role outside the "Harry Potter" character. He plays Maps, one of four orphan boys. The three other orphans are played by Christian Byers (Spark), Lee Cormie (Misty) and James Fraser (Spit).

Jack Thompson co-stars as Bandy McAnsh, the retired naval officer who takes charge of the boys during their summer holiday. Sullivan Stapleton and Victoria Hill play the young couple who befriend the boys. Ralph Cotterill is Shellbank, the old fisherman. Frank Gallacher plays Father Scully; Kris McQuade plays Bandy's wife Mrs. McAnsh and newcomer Teresa Palmer plays Maps' love interest, Lucy.

The "December Boys" are a close-knit band of four adolescent orphans all with the same birth month. The boys' hope of ever being adopted grows slimmer with each passing year, and it isn't until their first summer away from the orphanage, that the fading hope of finding parents becomes a real possibility - for one of them. The boys are befriended by a young couple who, unable to fall pregnant, decide to adopt one of the boys. The boys compete to be the most adoptable, severely testing their friendships when long gestating feelings of rejection explode to the surface. The boys' deep friendship eventually overcomes their rivalries, sealing forever the strong ties that bind them.

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Release Dates:
September 14, 2007
Genre: Foreign, Drama, Kids, Family, Adaptation
Running Time: 105 min.
Director: Rod Hardy
Writer(s): Michael Noonan, Marc Rosenberg
Producer(s): Hal Gaba, Jonathan Shteinman, Richard Becker
Distributor: Warner Independent Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures International
Tagline: After that summer nothing would ever be the same again.
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sexual content, nudity, underage drinking and smoking.

Movie Casts:

Daniel Radcliffe - Maps
Teresa Palmer - Lucy
Christian Byers - Spark
Lee Cormie - Misty
James Fraser - Spit
Jack Thompson - Bandy McAnsh
Kris McQuade - Mrs. 'Skipper' McAnsh
Suzie Wilks - Prospective parent
Victoria Hill - Teresa
Sullivan Stapleton - Fearless
Ralph Cotterill - Shellback, the Fisherman
Frank Gallacher - Father Scully

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