September 19, 2007

Feast of Love

Feast of LoveFrom venerable Academy Award winning director Robert Benton (Kramer vs. Kramer), comes a kaleidoscopic ode to life and love in all its funny, sad, sexy, crazy, heartbreaking and life sustaining facets: Feast of Love.

In a coffee shop in a tight-knit Oregon community, local professor Harry Stevenson (Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman) witnesses love and attraction whipping up mischief among the town's residents. From the unlucky in love, die-hard romantic coffee shop owner Bradley (Academy Award nominee Greg Kinnear) who has a serial habit of looking for love in all the wrong places, including with his current wife Kathryn (Selma Blair); to the edgy real estate agent Diana (Radha Mitchell) who is caught up in an affair with a married man (Billy Burke) with whom she shares an ineffable connection; to the beautiful young newcomer Chloe (Alexa Davalos) who defies fate in romancing the troubled Oscar (Toby Hemingway); to Harry himself, whose adoring wife (Jane Alexander) is looking to break through his wall of grief after the wrenching loss of a beloved.

...they all intertwined into one remarkable story in which no one can escape being bent, broken, befuddled, delighted and ultimately redeemed by love's inescapable spell.

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Release Dates:
September 28, 2007
Genre: Drama, Romance, Adaptation
Running Time: 102 min.
Director: Robert Benton
Writer(s): Allison Burnett, Charles Baxter
Producer(s): Lori McCreary, Gary Lucchesi, Tom Rosenberg
Distributor: MGM Distribution Company
MPAA Rating: R for strong sexual content, nudity and language.

Movie Casts:

Jane Alexander
Selma Blair - Kathryn
Billy Burke - David
Todd Chatalas - Football Player
Alexa Davalos - Chloe
Morgan Freeman - Harry Scott
Toby Hemingway - Oscar
Stana Katic - Jenny
Greg Kinnear - Bradley Thomas
Sherilyn Lawson - Nurse
Shannon Lucio - Janey
Erika Marozsán
Kathleen Mattice - Server
Alex Mentzel - Billy
Radha Mitchell - Diana
Kate Mulligan - Bartender
Missi Pyle - Agatha
Belle Suzanne Raymond - Background artist
Julie Vhay - Karen
Fred Ward - Bat
Adam Ross Whiting - Background artist

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