September 4, 2007

Shoot 'Em Up

Shoot 'Em UpA gritty, fast-paced action thriller, Shoot 'Em Up kicks into high gear with a memorable opening scene and never relents. Clive Owen stars as Mr. Smith, a mysterious loner who teams up with an unlikely ally (Monica Belluci) to protect a newborn baby from a determined criminal (Paul Giamatti) who hunts them throughout the bowels of the city.

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Release Dates:
September 7, 2007
Genre: Action-Adventure, Comedy, Thriller
Running Time: 87 min.
Director: Michael Davis
Writer(s): Michael Davis
Producer(s): Michael Davis, Douglas Curtis, Don Murphy
Distributor: New Line Cinema
Tagline: No name, no past, nothing to lose.
MPAA Rating: Rated R - Pervasive strong bloody violence, sexuality and some language.

Movie Casts:

Clive Owen - Mr. Smith
Monica Bellucci - DQ
Paul Giamatti - Mr. Hertz
Greg Bryk - The Lone Man
Ramona Pringle - Baby's Mother
Jane McLean - Madam Maddie
Laura DeCarteret - Museum Woman
Mike Dopud - Van guy
Stephen R. Hart - Bruiser
Suresh John - Motel Manager
Harry Karp - Milk Shake Slurper
Andy Mackenzie - Asshole Meth Head
Lucas Mende-Gibson - Baby Oliver
Sidney Mende-Gibson - Baby Oliver
Layton Morrison - Dog Handler
Paul Mota - Dead soldier
Jeffrey Parazzo - Devon the Hippie
Mike Rad - Asshole Meth Head
Jason Reso - Senator's Guard (as Jay Reso)
Michael Edward Rose - Last Hammerson Guard
David Ury - Asshole Leader
Dru Viergever - Mr. Hertz' man

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