September 24, 2007


TradeWhen 13-year-old Adriana (Paulina Gaitan) is kidnapped by sex traffickers in Mexico City, her 17-year-old brother, Jorge (Cesar Ramos), sets off on a desperate mission to save her.

Trapped by an underground network of international thugs who earn millions exploiting their human cargo, Adriana's only friend throughout her ordeal is Veronica (Alicja Bachleda), a young Polish woman captured by the same criminal gang. As Jorge dodges overwhelming obstacles to track the girl's abductors, he meets Ray (Kevin Kline), a Texas cop whose own family loss leads him to become an ally.

From the barrios of Mexico City and the treacherous Rio Grande border, to a secret internet sex slave auction and a tense confrontation at a stash house in suburban New Jersey, Ray and Jorge forge a close bond as they frantically pursue Adriana's kidnappers before she is sold and disappears into a brutal underworld from which few victims ever return.

Inspired by Peter Landesman's chilling NY Times Magazine story on the U.S. sex trade, "The Girls Next Door," TRADE is a thrilling story of courage and a devastating expose of one of the world's most heinous crimes.

The American debut of Marco Kreuzpaintner, one of Germany's leading young directors, TRADE is produced by Roland Emmerich and Rosilyn Heller from a screenplay by Academy Award(R) nominee Jose Rivera (THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES).

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Release Dates:
September 28, 2007
Genre: Drama, Thriller and Adaptation
Running Time: 119 min.
Director: Marco Kreuzpaintner
Writer(s): Jose Rivera, Peter Landesman
Producer(s): Michael Wimer, Peter Landesman, Robert Leger (II)
Distributor(s): Lionsgate, Roadside Attractions
Tagline: You'll pay for this.
MPAA Rating: R for disturbing sexual material involving minors, violence including a rape, language and some drug content.

Movie Casts:

Kevin Kline - Ray
Alicja Bachleda-Curus - Veronica
Paulina Gaitan - Adriana
Kathleen Gati - Irina Silayev
Pavel Lychnikoff - Vadim Youchenko
Anthony Crivello - Detective Henderson
Linda Emond - Patty Sheridan
Zack Ward - Alex Green
Kate del Castillo - Laura
Cesar Ramos - Jorge
Evan Adrian - Student
Howard Alonzo - Delivery Guy
Richard Barela - Detainee
Aimee-Lynn Chadwick - School Girl
Bo Greigh - 1st Deputy
Allison Hensel - Police Detective
Dale Malley - Hotel Owner
Barbara Mayfield - Waitress in the Diner
Paul McGowen - Firefighter
Leland Pascual - Thai Boy
Marco PĂ©rez - Manuelo
Tim Reid - Det/Hank Smith
Matt Sanford - Cyber Cafe Manager
William Sterchi - Gary
Matthew Timmons - Border Policeman

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