October 30, 2007

August Rush

August RushTwelve years ago, on a moonlit rooftop above Washington Square, Lyla Novacek (KERI RUSSELL), a sheltered young cellist, and Louis Connelly (JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS), a charismatic Irish singer-songwriter, were drawn together by a street musician's rendition of "Moondance" and fell instantly in love. Sharing the language of music, their connection was real and undeniable...but short-lived.

After the most romantic night of her life, Lyla promised to meet Louis again but, despite her protests, her father (WILLIAM SADLER) rushed her to her next concert - leaving Louis to believe that she didn't care. Disheartened, he found it impossible to continue playing and eventually abandoned his music while Lyla, her own hopes for love lost, was led to believe months later that she had also lost their unborn child in a car accident.

Years past with neither of them knowing the truth.

Now, the infant secretly given away by Lyla's father has grown into a spirited and unusually gifted child (FREDDIE HIGHMORE) who hears music all around him in the rhythms of life and can turn the rustling of wind through a wheat field into a beautiful symphony with himself at its center, the composer and conductor. Orphaned by circumstances, he holds a profound and unwavering belief that his parents are alive and want him as much as he wants them - if only they could find each other.

Determined to search for them, he makes his way to New York City. There, lost and alone, he is beckoned by the guitar music of a street kid playing for change and follows him back to a makeshift shelter in the abandoned Fillmore East Theater, where dozens of children like him live under the protection of the enigmatic Wizard (ROBIN WILLIAMS). That night, he picks up a guitar for the first time and unleashes an impromptu performance of his own unique style.

Astonished that this untrained boy can play so passionately, Wizard names him August Rush, introduces him to the soul-stirring power of music and begins to draw out his extraordinary talent. Wizard has big plans for the young prodigy but, for August, his music has a more important purpose. Never giving up hope of finding the parents he knows are out there somewhere, he calls out to them through every note. He believes that if they can hear his music, they will find him.

Unbeknownst to August, they have already begun that journey.

Having just learned her son is alive, Lyla is already working desperately to locate him with the help of dedicated social worker Richard Jeffries (TERRENCE HOWARD) while Louis, still haunted by memories of his one true love, finds himself returning to his musical roots and retracing his steps to the place where they met.

Separated by the events of life but bonded by love and music, Lyla, Louis and August search for what they lost and what will make their lives complete again...each other.

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Release Dates:
November 21, 2007
Genre: Comedy, Musical and Performing Arts
Running Time:
Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution
Tagline: An incredible journey moving at the speed of sound
MPAA Rating: PG for some thematic elements, mild violence and language.

Kirsten Sheridan

James V. Hart - Screenplay
Nick Castle - Screenplay (rewrite)
Nick Castle - Story
Paul Castro - Story
Paul Castro - Source Material (idea)
Richard B. Lewis - Source Material (idea)

Ralph Kamp - Executive Producer
Louise Goodsill - Executive Producer
Robert Greenhut - Executive Producer
Miky Lee - Executive Producer
Lionel Wigram - Executive Producer
Richard B. Lewis - Producer
Gaby Jerou - Associate Producer

Movie Casts:
Freddie Highmore - August Rush
Keri Russell - Lyla Novacek
Jonathan Rhys Meyers - Louis Connelly
Robin Williams - Wizard
Leon G. Thomas III - Arthur
Terrence Howard - Richard Jeffries
Jamia Simone Nash - Hope
William Sadler - Thomas
Alex O'Loughlin - Marshall
Aaron Staton - Nick
Jamie O'Keefe - Steve
Emelie Jeffries - Violist
Robert Aberdeen - Businessman
Sherman Alpert - Concert-goer
Chenoa Andon - Opera patron
Henry Caplan - Bill
Dominic Colon - Policeman
Jill DeMonstoy - Rocker
Michael Drayer - Mannix
Aaron Gilberto - Boy Park Scene
Andrew Ginsburg - Stock Broker
Matt Gorsky - Symphony Appreciator
Cathy Haase - First Clarinet - New York Philharmonic
Chivonne Hill - Concert Attendee
Peter Iasillo Jr. - Opera Patron
Kaki King - August's hands
Russ Klein - Protester
Jen Kuhn - Solo Cellist - New York Philharmonic
Deirdre Lorenz - Mother of music student
Lisa Maris - Social Worker
Anais Martinez - Backbeat
Sam Masotto - Crowd Member
Noah Matthews - (voice)
Tyler McGuckin - Peter
Shareef McIntosh - Rock Fan
Bonnie McKee - Lizzy
Susan Mitchell - Cellist - New York Philharmonic
Becki Newton - Jenny
Sarah Nichols - 2nd Violinist
Zach Page - Blues boy on guitar
Gloria Parks - Rock Music Fan
Rob Pedini - Louis' friend
Princess Reymundo - Concert Fan
Kenny Shapiro - Precision Driver
Josh Sudiker - Rock Concert Patron
Stewart Summers - Doctor in park
Brian M. Wixson - Rock Concert Patron
Jo Yang - Grande Dame
Samantha Zweben - Juilliard clarinet player

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