October 1, 2007

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

Before the Devil Knows You're DeadAndy (Philip Seymour Hoffman) has planned the perfect crime and just needs his brother Hank (Ethan Hawke) to execute it. However, the job means that Hank must rob his own mom and dad's (Rosemary Harris, Albert Finney) jewelry store. The younger sibling actually goes through with the crime, his mom ends up dead and his dad swears he'll find the killer by any means necessary. Hank, meanwhile, may be able to pin the entire rap on Andy, but that means enlisting the help of Andy's wife (Marisa Tomei), with whom Hank is having an affair.

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Release Dates:
October 26, 2007
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Crime and Gangster
Running Time: 117 min.
Director: Sidney Lumet
Writer(s): Kelly Masterson
Producer(s): Belle Avery, Jane Barclay, David Bergstein
Distributor: ThinkFilm
Tagline: No one was supposed to get hurt.
MPAA Rating: R for a scene of strong graphic sexuality, nudity, violence, drug use and language.

Movie Casts:

Philip Seymour Hoffman - Andy
Ethan Hawke - Hank
Albert Finney - Charles
Marisa Tomei - Gina
Arija Bareikis - Katherine
Paul Butler - Detective Barrett
Megan Byrne - Nurse
Chris Chalk - Officer
Leonardo Cimino - William
Keith Davis - Attendant
Alex Emanuel - JP
Jack Fitz - Arthur
Guy A. Fortt - Vendor
Edwin Freeman - Coroner
Jordan Gelber - Agent #3
Natalie Gold - Hank's Secretary
Damon Gupton - Doctor
Rosemary Harris - Nanette
Blaine Horton - Justin
Sakina Jaffrey - Manager
Marcia Jean Kurtz - Hospital receptionist
Jim Lavin - Philip Seymour Hoffman's Doctor
Sarah Livingston - Danielle
Adrian Martinez - Security guard
Kevin P. McCarthy
Michael McGovern - Bar Man
Brian F. O'Byrne - Bobby
Aleksa Palladino - Chris
Meredith Patterson - Andy's Secretary
Amy Ryan - Martha
Michael Shannon - Dex
Alice Spivak - Receptionist
Linda Thompson Williams - Housekeeper
Lee Wilkof - Jake

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