October 10, 2007

Lars and the Real Girl

Lars and the Real GirlWritten by Six Feet Under scribe Nancy Oliver, Lars and the Real Girl is a heartfelt comedy starring Academy-Award nominated Ryan Gosling as Lars Lindstrom a loveable introvert whose emotional baggage has kept him from fully embracing life. After years of what is almost solitude, he invites Bianca, a friend he met on the internet to visit him. He introduces Bianca to his Brother Gus (Paul Schneider) and his wife Karen (Emily Mortimer) and they are stunned. They don't know what to say to Lars or Bianca - because she is a life-size doll, not a real person and he is treating her as though she is alive. They consult the family doctor Dagmar (Patricia Clarkson) who explains this is a delusion he's created - for what reason she doesn't yet know but they should all go along with it. What follows is an emotional journey for Lars and the people around him.

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Release Dates:
October 12, 2007
Genre: Comedy and Drama
Running Time: 106 min.
Director: Craig Gillespie
Distributor: MGM Distribution Company
Tagline: The search for true love begins outside the box
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for some sex-related content.

Nancy Oliver - Screenplay

William Horberg - Executive Producer
Bruce Toll - Executive Producer
Peter Berg - Executive Producer
Sidney Kimmel - Producer
John Cameron - Producer
Sarah Aubrey - Producer

Movie Casts:
Ryan Gosling - Lars
Patricia Clarkson - Dagmar
Emily Mortimer - Karin
Kelli Garner - Margo
Paul Schneider - Gus
Lauren Ash - Holly
Boyd Banks - Russell
Nancy Beatty - Mrs. Gruner
Joe Bostick - Mr. Shaw
Aurora Browne - Lisa
Tannis Burnett - Nurse Amy
Sally Cahill - Deb
Tommy Chang - Nelson
Lindsey Connell - Victoria
Víctor Gómez - Hector
Liz Gordon - Mrs. Schindler
Nicky Guadagni - Mrs. Peterson
Darren Hynes - Moose
Doug Lennox - Vehement Church Goer
Maxwell McCabe-Lokos - Kurt
Billy Parrott - Erik
Joshua Peace - Jerry
R.D. Reid - Reverend Bock
Karen Robinson - Cindy
Annabelle Torsein - Singer
Angela Vint - Sandy

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