October 26, 2007

Rails & Ties

Rails & TiesTom and Megan Stark always thought there would be time - time to have children, time to take that trip to San Francisco, time to fix the problems in their marriage. But Megan's illness and Tom's inability to face the possibility of losing her are stealing all the time they have left. All Tom can do is bury himself in his job as a train engineer, where at least he feels in control and everything runs on a predetermined track. Until now.

Tom's train has hit a car on the tracks in a tragic turn of events that, while not his fault, may still cost him his job. Worse, a young woman is dead and her son, Davey, has been left to cope with the loss of his mother, the guilt that he could not save her not only from the train but from herself... and the anger at the man he holds responsible: Tom Stark.

The accident puts the Starks and Davey on their own collision course. But instead of leading to tragedy, this crossing could mean new hope for a woman who has only one chance left to fulfill her dreams, for a man who must learn to open his heart before it's too late, and for a young boy who has never known the true meaning of family.

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Release Dates:
October 26, 2007
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 101 min.
Director: Alison Eastwood
Distributor: Warner Independent Pictures
Tagline: When life comes apart, love puts it back together.
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for mature thematic elements, an accident scene, brief nudity and momentary strong language.

Micky Levy

Robert Lorenz - Producer
Peer Oppenheimer - Producer
Barrett Stuart - Producer
Tim Moore - Co-Producer

Movie Casts:
Kevin Bacon - Tom Stark
Marcia Gay Harden - Megan Stark
Miles Heizer - Davey Danner
Marin Hinkle - Renee
Eugene Byrd - Otis Higgs
Bonnie Root - Laura Danner
Steve Eastin - N.B. Garcia
Laura CerĂ³n - Susan Garcia
Margo Martindale - Judy Neasy
Kathryn Joosten - Mrs. Brown
Steven M. Porter - Howie Pugh
Jim Cody Williams - Vince the Engineer
Kerri Randles - Rosanna
Stephen Peace - Bartender
Robert Harvey - Administrator #1

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