November 27, 2007


Badland SynopsisJerry is a Marine reservist who was a young patriot and idealist when he served in the first Gulf War. But when he is called up for deployment to Afghanistan and Iraq, Jerry is a father of three; older and embittered by a life besieged by broken promises, and unfulfilled desires. Jerry returns a changed man, transformed by horrors committed that go beyond comprehension and sanity, pain inflicted that cannot be forgiven. He lives a life of poverty, his children afraid of his unexplained outbursts of rage, his wife, Nora, unsympathetic to the nosebleeds and night terrors he suffers. She hides money her sons earn from their paper route in case they need to leave. Their crowded trailer home becomes a prison. His failure as a man, his actions as a soldier, is the punishment which they share. He realizes that the respect and dignity he has spent his life trying to achieve will always elude him. When Jerry discovers that Nora has betrayed him, his anger and despair drive him to commit an act so heinous and irreversible that nothing he has experienced in combat could have prepared him for.

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Release Date: November 30, 2007
Genre: Drama
Running Time:
Distributor(s): Badland, Inc.
Tagline: War ravages the soul
MPAA Rating: R for some strong disturbing violence and pervasive language.

Francesco Lucente

Francesco Lucente - Screenplay

Jorg Neumann - Producer
Gordon Guiry - Executive Producer
Michel Shane - Executive Producer
Joseph Bitonti - Executive Producer
Anthony Romano - Executive Producer
Olimpia Lucente - Producer
Jorg Neumann (II) - Producer
Claudia Dummer-Manasse - Producer
Sarah Altmann - Associate Producer
Peter G. Horn - Associate Producer

Movie Casts:
Jamie Draven - Jerry
Grace Fulton - Celina
Vinessa Shaw - Nora
Joe Morton - Max
Chandra West - Oli
Jenae Adam - Kid at Playground #1
Luc Adam - Kid at Playground #2
Larry Austin - Motel Owner
Harvey Bourassa - Cafe Customer #1
Louie Campbell - Ray
Tom Carey - Louie
Jake Church - Stevie
Amy Cook - Kid at Playground #3
Ryan Cook - Kid at Playground #4
Dennis Corrie - Fire Captain Baker
Brian Gromoff - Rancher
Albert Hurd - Cafe Customer #2
Chris Ippolito - Kid at Garage
Stirling Karlsen - Sheriff's Deputy #2
Kaylie - Police K-9
Audrey Kyllo - Cafe Customer #3
Daniel Libman - Television News Reporter
Darren Lumsden - Police K-9 Officer
Chris Manyluk - #1, Patrol Officer
Sean Anthony Olsen - Sherriff's Deputy #1
Charles Reach - Cafe Customer #4
Patrick Richards - Alex
Pete Seadon - Sheriff Thomas Pellegrino
John Trowbridge - Cafe Customer #5
Giulia Varini - Kid at Playground #6
Serena Varini - Kid at Playground #5
Keith White - Patrol Officer #2
Bob Wilson - Cafe Customer #6

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