November 6, 2007

Christmas in Wonderland

Christmas in WonderlandIt's turning out to be a pretty rotten Christmas for the Saunders family. Having just moved to Edmonton from L.A., they have no friends, no money and, with the exception of the bright-eyed Mary, no Christmas spirit. To make matters worse, their mother is stuck in L.A., stranded by Yuletide overbookings. Therefore, the Christmas shopping duties fall on Dad and the gloomy kids who have to fight Edmonton weather conditions to get to West Edmonton Mall. But when 12 year old Brian and the 6 year old Mary find a satchel of money in the mall, things start looking up... that is, until the crooks who counterfeited the money start hunting them down!

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Release Dates:
@Theaters: November 9, 2007
Genre: Comedy and Holiday
Running Time:
Distributor: Yari Film Group
Tagline: Two kids, a mall, a million in cash, ...what could go wrong?
MPAA Rating: PG for rude language.

James Orr

Jim Cruickshank - Screenplay
Wanda Birdsong Shope - Screenplay
James Orr - Screenplay

Bob Yari - Executive Producer
Henry Boger - Executive Producer
Alexander Tabrizi (II) - Executive Producer
Laurette Bourassa - Producer
Kirk Shaw - Producer
Doug Steeden - Producer
Lindsay MacAdam - Co-Producer

Movie Casts:
Patrick Swayze - Wayne Saunders
Matthew Knight - Brian Saunders
Amy Schlagel - Mary Saunders
Zoe Schlagel - Mary Saunders
Tim Curry - McLoosh
Carmen Electra - Ginger Peachum
Chris Kattan - Leonard Cardoza
Preston Lacy - Sheldon Cardoza
Cameron Bright - Danny Saunders
Matthew Walker - Santa
Rachel Hayward - Judy Saunders
Michelle Molineux - Spa Attendant
Morgan Brayton - 2nd Cashier
Sean Tyson - Randolph
MacKenzie Porter - Shane
Suzanne Bastien - Zellers Employee
Donovan Workun - Smith
Marty Antonini - Elliot Block
Matt Bellefleur - Walter Crump
Rick Ash - Bartender
Maureen Jones - Lingerie girl
Paul Punyi - Priest
Melanie Yeats - Luane
Duncan Ollerenshaw - Guy in Lingerie Store
Suzanna Bastien - Clerk
Karen Johnson-Diamond - 2nd Cashier

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