November 8, 2007

War Dance

War DanceFor the past 20 years, Northern Uganda has been at war with a rebel force, the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), and the country's children have been the greatest victims of the conflict. But here, the children are not only the victims of the rebels, they are the rebels. The L.R.A. has a chillingly effective process to fill its ranks - abducting innocent children. Under the cover of darkness, the rebel raid villages to kidnap new soldiers. Children - some as young as five - are ripped from their beds in front of their helpless parents. Once abducted, the children are forced at gunpoint to viciously beat or kill neighbors, and sometimes even their own parents. They boys become soldiers while the girls are forced into sexual slavery.

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Release Dates:
November 9, 2007
Genre: Documentary, Kids, Family, Musical and Performing Arts
Running Time: 105 min.
Distributor: ThinkFilm
Tagline: The War Stole Everything, Except Their Music
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for some thematic material involving description of war atrocities.

Andrea Nix
Sean Fine

Andrea Nix - Screenplay
Sean Fine - Screenplay

Albie Hecht - Producer
Andrea Nix - Producer
Sean Fine - Producer
Susan MacLaury - Producer

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