December 15, 2007

In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale

In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale SynopsisThe life of a hardworking man known only as Farmer (Jason Statham) is changed forever when a marauding band of Krug - animalistic brutes in the thrall of an evil sorcerer - thunders down upon the unsuspecting village of stonebridge, killing his son and kidnapping his wife, Solana (Claire Forlani). Galvanized by his grief, the once-peace loving peasant leads his mentor Norick (Ron Perlman) and brother-in-law Bastian (Will Sanderson) in pursuit of the Krug army to free Solana.

As the Krug overrun the countryside, the King's magus Merick discovers the true source of their power: his old rival, Gallian (Ray Liotta), a formidable and power-hungry wizard. Gallian plans to use his hellish militia to overthrow King Konreid (Burt Reynolds) and place his sniveling pawn, Duke Fallow (Matthew Lillard), on the throne.

While the King's forces ride forth to engage the bloodthirsty Krug, Farmer and his companions slip unseen through the treacherous mountain passes of Ehb into uncharted territory. A daring nighttime raid on a Krug encampment turns tragic when Norick and Bastian are captured and Farmer barely escapes with his life.

Desperate to find his wife and friends, Farmer joins the royal army in an epic battle. His extraordinary heroics catch the attention of both Gallian and Merick, who suspect there is more to the simple country squire than meets the eye. In a final confrontation that will determine the fate of Ehb, it is up to Farmer to claim the birthright and defeat Gallian, or allow the evil wizard to take control of the land.

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Release Date: January 11, 2008
Genre: Action-Adventure, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Adaptation
Running Time:
Distributor(s): Freestyle Releasing
Tagline: Rise and Fight.
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for intense battle sequence.

Uwe Boll

Dan Stroncak - Story By
Jason Rappaport - Story By

Uwe Boll - Executive Producer
Wolfgang Herold - Executive Producer
Shawn Williamson - Producer
Daniel Clarke (II) - Producer
Brandon Baker (II) - Associate Producer
Chet Holmes - Associate Producer
Michael Roesch - Associate Producer
Peter Scheerer - Associate Producer
Jonathan Shore - Associate Producer

Movie Casts:
Jason Statham - Farmer
John Rhys-Davies - Merick (as John Rhys Davies)
Ray Liotta - Gallian
Matthew Lillard - Duke Fallow
Leelee Sobieski - Muriella
Burt Reynolds - King Konreid
Ron Perlman - Norick
Will Sanderson - Bastian
Claire Forlani - Solana
Brian J. White - Tarish
Kristanna Loken - Elora
Daniel Boileau - Slave
Sage Brocklebank - Soldier #2
Mike Dopud - General Backler
Michael Eklund - Scout
Carrie Fleming - Crying Woman (as Carrie Anne Fleming)
Colin Ford - Zeph
Murat Mümtaz Gök - Legionnaire
Michelle Harrison - Hysterical Woman
Casey Hendershot - Hussarian
Terence Kelly - Trumaine
Marcel Maillard - Merchant
James Michalopolous - Krug
Eva Padberg - Handmaiden
Aaron Pearl - General Aziel
Christopher Rosamond - Soldier #1
Gabrielle Rose - Delinda
Tania Saulnier - Tawlyn
Ron Selmour - General Hallette
Darren Shahlavi - Gatekeeper
Jacqueline Ann Steuart - Caravan Slave #1
Aidan Williamson - Young Boy
Paul Wu - Lieutenant Rawden

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