February 4, 2008


Possession SynopsisSarah Michelle Gellar stars as Jess, a woman whose life is torn apart when her husband, Ryan (Michael Landes), and brother-in-law, Roman (Lee Pace), crash in a horrific car accident. Both brothers end up in comas, with little hope of recovery. But Roman wakes up and, when he does, insists he is her husband. As time goes on, Jess struggles with the possibility that the spirit of her beloved husband has returned to her in the body of her brother-in-law, or that something much more sinister is at work.

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Release Date: February 29, 2008
Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Thriller and Remake
Running Time:
Distributor(s): Yari Film Group
Tagline: Love possesses us.
MPAA Rating: PG-13

Joel Bergwall - Director
Simon Sandquist - Director

Michael Petroni - Screenplay (Adaptation)
Park Yeong-hun - Source Material (from feature: "Jungdok")

Alex Brunner - Executive Producer
Sonny Mallhi - Executive Producer
Nigel Sinclair - Producer
Guy East - Producer
Doug Davison - Producer
Roy Lee - Producer
Bob Yari - Producer

Movie Casts:
Sarah Michelle Gellar - Jessica
Lee Pace - Roman
Michael Landes - Ryan
Chelah Horsdal - Miranda
William B. Davis - Hypnotist
Tuva Novotny
Paul Jarrett - Pschiratrist
Joel Bergvall
Suzanne Bastien - Admission Nurse
Michael Jonsson - Paramedic
Dhirendra - Dr.Rajan
Mark Louie - Paramedic #1
J├Ârgen Sandell - Detective #2

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