February 15, 2008

Snow Angels

Snow Angels SynopsisA story of love lost and found in a small town, SNOW ANGELS is a heartrending portrayal of three couples in various stages of life orbiting around each other in search of connection and meaning. An unexpected act of violence disrupts the lives of these intertwined couples revealing the profound moments in which they each realize how precarious and remarkable life can be.

High school student Arthur plays trombone in the marching band, busses tables at the local Chinese restaurant and avoids his squabbling parents. At work, he flirts with Anne, who used to be his baby-sitter. Annie is trying to build a new life for herself and her daughter after splitting with high school sweetheart Glenn. A man with a troubled past, Glenn hopes to make a new start by getting a job and reconnecting with his family.

At school, Arthur meets a pretty girl, Lila, who is just as nerdy as he is, and they quickly develop a crush on each other. Though Lila makes her feelings for Arthur painfully obvious, Arthur is reluctant to accept her advances as he watches his father move out of the family home while his mother struggles to keep things together. Determined to find happiness, Arthur begins to fall for the irresistible Lila, even as he witnesses Annie and Glenn tear each other apart in a a series if distressing encounters at the same time as his parents begin separate lives.

Then, on a cold winter morning, Glenn and Annie's past catches up with their future. In one shocking moment, all of the pain and struggle comes to a screeching halt. For them, and for everyone who knows them, nothing will ever be the same.

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Release Date: March 7, 2008
Genre: Drama and Adaptation
Running Time: 106 min.
Distributor(s): Warner Independent Pictures
Tagline: Some will fall. Some will fly.
MPAA Rating: R for language, some violent content, brief sexuality and drug use.

David Gordon Green

David Gordon Green - Screenplay (adaptation)
Stewart O'Nan - Source Material (from novel: "Snow Angels")

Jeanne Donovan-Fisher - Executive Producer
Cami Taylor (II) - Producer
Paul Miller (II) - Producer
Dan Lindau - Producer
Lisa Muskat - Producer
Kirsten Larson - Producer (Big Magazine)
Derrick Tseng - Co-Producer

Movie Casts:
Deborah Allen - May Van Dorn
Michael Angarano - Arthur Parkinson
Jeanetta Arnette - Louise Parkinson
Kate Beckinsale - Annie
Peter Blais - Mr. Eisenstat
Brian Downey - Frank Marchand
Chase Duffy - Trooper
Griffin Dunne - Don
Carroll Godsman - Olive
Brian Heighton - Trooper
Gracie Hudson - Tara
Martha Irving - Policewoman
Nicky Katt - Nate Petite
Lita Llewellyn - Tricia Farr
Slavko Negulic - Oskar
Tom Noonan - Band Leader
Leah Ostry - Lily Raeburn
Connor Paolo - Warren Hardesky
David Pezzaniti - Anonymous Football player #1
Sam Rockwell - Glenn
Amy Sedaris - Barb
Olivia Thirlby - Lila Raybern
Hugh Thompson - Inspector Burns
Angela Vermeir - Marcia Dolan

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