March 24, 2008

The Life Before Her Eyes

The Life Before Her Eyes SynopsisImaginative, impetuous and wild Diana (Evan Rachel Wood) can't wait for her adult life to begin. Whiling away the final days of high school in the lush springtime, Diana tests her limits with sex and drugs as her more conservative friend Maureen (Eva Amurri) watches with concern. But Diana's aura of invincibility is shattered when a senseless act of violence erupts at school, forever changing the lives of the two best friends.

Fifteen years later, a grown Diana (Uma Thurman) is still trying to come to terms with the traumatic events of that fateful day.

On the surface, the adult Diana has made a picture perfect life for herself. She’s still living in the sleepy Connecticut suburb she grew up in with her husband Paul, a professor at the local college. Her beautiful young daughter, Emma, is smart and creative, and possesses a fiercely independent streak reminiscent of her mother. But all is not well—as the anniversary of her adolescent trauma approaches, the darkness that Diana has tried to escape closes in. Meanwhile, her husband has become increasingly absent, her daughter has taken to hiding from teachers, and worst of all, Diana's own grip on reality is starting to falter.

Moving seamlessly through both stages of Diana's evolution, THE LIFE BEFORE HER EYES delves deep into the crossroads that we all face -- where a simple decision can change the course of everything to come, and where a lifetime can be encapsulated in a single moment. With THE LIFE BEFORE HER EYES, Vadim Perelman, director of the acclaimed HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG, has established himself as one of America's greatest young directors of serious, probing drama.

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Release Date: April 18, 2008
Genre: Drama, Thriller and Adaptation
Running Time: 90 min.
Distributor(s): Magnolia Pictures
Tagline: Your life can change in an instant. That instant can last forever.
MPAA Rating: R for violent and disturbing content, language and brief drug use.

Vadim Perelman

Emil Stern - Screenplay (adaptation)
Laura Kasischke - Source Material (from novel: "The Life Before Her Eyes")

Mark Cuban - Executive Producer
Todd Wagner - Executive Producer
Marc Butan - Executive Producer
Aimee Peyronnet - Producer
Vadim Perelman - Producer
Anthony Katagas - Producer
Chase Bailey - Co-Producer
Couper Samuelson - Co-Producer
Mike Upton - Co-Producer
Ian McGloin - Co-Producer

Movie Casts:
Uma Thurman - Diana
Evan Rachel Wood - Young Diana
Sherman Alpert - Professor
Eva Amurri - Maureen
J.T. Arbogast - Male Reporter
Zachary Booth - Boy Swimming
Emily Rose Branigan - Girl Smoking in Locker Room
Gabrielle Brennan - Emma
Jessica Carlson - Girl at Shooting
Tom Carney - Lecture attendee
Adam Chanler-Berat - Ryan Haswhip
Tanner Cohen - Nate
Heather Collis - Waitress
Peter Conboy - Professor attending lecture
Pierce Cravens - Teenage Usher
Brett Cullen - Paul McFee
Aldous Davidson - Student
Jewel Donohue - Mother
Brett Epstein - Student
Alexander Fagan - Student
Phil Gardiner - Survivor
Christopher Jon Gombos - Briar Hill Police Officer
Susan Graves-McCullough - Christine Connell: Survivor
Guy Guglielmi - Pedestrian
Oscar Isaac
Kia Jam - Doctor
Isabel Keating - Maureen's mother
Maggie Lacey - Amanda
Paul Lucenti - Student in hall
John Magaro - Michael Patrick
Seth Michael May - Teaching Assistant
Anna Renee Moore - Blonde Student
Maria Nazzaro - Nun at Catholic School
Evan Neumann - Richard Payne
Nathalie Paulding - Young Amanda
Craig Pollack - Survivor
Molly Price - Diana's Mother
Anslem Richardson - Policeman
Julia Rusatsky
Sean Schreger - Female Student
Ken Sladyk - University Professor
Mike Slater - Young Tom
Oliver Solomon - Detective
James Urbaniak - Professor McFee
Brian M. Wixson - Scott Connell

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