April 17, 2008

Roman de Gare

Roman de Gare SynopsisBest-selling author Judith Ralitzer is researching unlikely places to find characters for her next bestseller. As luck would have it, a serial killer with a penchant for magic tricks has just escaped from a high-security prison... providing the perfect source material for an intricately plotted, moody mystery. Deceptively layered and intriguingly misleading, this highly anticipated new film from Oscar winning director Claude LeLouch (A MAN AND A WOMAN) stars Dominique Pinon and Fanny Ardant as unlikely pair caught up in a game with high stakes - and deadly consequences.

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Release Date: April 25, 2008
Genre: Art, Foreign, Drama, Romance and Thriller
Running Time: 103 min.
Distributor(s): Samuel Goldwyn Company
Tagline: Everybody has a secret. Every mystery has a twist.
MPAA Rating: R

Claude Lelouch

Claude Lelouch - Screenplay
Pierre Uytterhoeven - Screenplay
Claude Lelouch - Story By

Remi Bergman - Executive Producer
Claude Lelouch - Producer

Movie Casts:
Dominique Pinon - Pierre Laclos / Louis
Fanny Ardant - Judith Ralitzer
Audrey Dana - Huguette
Michèle Bernier - Florence, la soeur
Myriam Boyer - La mère d'Huguette
Zinedine Soualem - Le commissaire
Boris Ventura - Alain (as Boris Ventura Diaz)
Marc Rioufol - Le propriétaire du vignoble
Thomas Le Douarec
Eve Bitoun
Rebecca Blanc
Jérôme Cachon
Marie-Victoire Debré
Eric Delcourt
Cyrille Eldin - Paul
Arlette Gordon - Herself / En personne
Sarah Lelouch
Shaya Lelouch
Gilles Lemaire - Le capitaine du bateau
William Leymergie - Le speaker radio (voice)
Serge Moati - Himself / En personne
Fred Musa
Dominique Pellissier
Bertrand Philippot
Marine Royer - Patricia
Ilva Scali
Bernard Werber - Himself / En personne

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