September 17, 2007

30 Days of Night

30 Days of NightFor 30 days every winter, the isolated town of Barrow, Alaska is plunged into a state of complete darkness. It's a bitter time when most of the inhabitants head south. This winter, a mysterious group of strangers appear: bloodthirsty vampires, ready to take advantage of the uninterrupted darkness to feed on the residents remaining in town. Barrow's Sheriff Eben (Josh Harnett), his estranged wife, Stella (Melissa George), and an ever-shrinking group of survivors must do anything they can to last until daylight in Columbia Pictures' 30 Days of Night.

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Release Dates:
October 19, 2007
Genre: Suspense, Horror, Thriller, Adaptation
Running Time:
Director: David Slade
Writer(s): Stuart Beattie, Brian Nelson, Steve Niles
Producer(s): Nathan Kahane, Mike Richardson, Joe Drake
Distributor: Sony Pictures
MPAA Rating: R for strong horror violence and language.

Movie Casts:

Ben Foster - The Stranger
Josh Hartnett - Eben
Melissa George - Stella Oleson
Danny Huston - Marlow
Manu Bennett - Billy Kitka
Kate O'Rourke - Vampire #8
Mark Boone Junior - Beau
Mark Rendall - Jake Oleson
Craig Hall - Wilson Bulosan
Joel Tobeck - Doug Hertz
Ben Fransham - Vampire #1
Megan Franich - Iris - Vampire
Amber Sainsbury
Camille Keenan - Kirsten
Elizabeth Hawthorne
Pua Magasiva - Malakai
Abbey-May Wakefield - Little Girl
Rachel Maitland-Smith - Gail Robbins
Kate Elliott - Vampire #3
Elizabeth McRae - Helen Munson
Jacob Tomuri - Vampire #7
Ismay Johnston
Aaron Cortesi - Vampire #10
Sam La Hood - Vampire #6
Jarrod Martin - Vampire #5
Min Windle - Ally Riis
Matt Gillanders - Vampire #11
Chic Littlewood - Issac Bulosan
Jared Turner - Aaron
Melissa Billington - Vampire #9
Lee Tuson
Allan Smith - Vampire #4
Tim McLachlan - Archibald
John Rawls - Zurial
Sam Wilson
Andrew Stehlin - Arvin
Thomas Crosson

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