September 16, 2007

American Gangster

American GangsterDenzel Washington, Russell Crowe, Brian Grazer and Ridley Scott team to tell the true juggernaut success story of a cult hero from the streets of 1970s Harlem in American Gangster.

Nobody used to notice Frank Lucas (Oscar winner Washington), the quiet driver to one of the inner city's leading black crime bosses. But when his boss suddenly dies, Frank exploits the opening in the power structure to build his own empire and create his own version of the American Dream. Through ingenuity and a strict business ethic, he comes to rule the inner-city drug trade, flooding the streets with a purer product at a better price. Lucas outplays all of the leading crime syndicates and becomes not only one of the city's mainline corrupters, but part of its circle of legit civic superstars.

Richie Roberts (Oscar winner Crowe) is an outcast cop close enough to the streets to feel a shift of control in the drug underworld. Roberts believes someone is climbing the rungs above the known Mafia families and starts to suspect that a black power player has come from nowhere to dominate the scene. Both Lucas and Roberts share a rigorous ethical code that sets them apart from their own colleagues, making them lone figures on opposite sides of the law. The destinies of these two men will become intertwined as they approach a confrontation where only one of them can come out on top.

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Release Dates:
November 2, 2007
Genre: Drama, Crime
Running Time:
Director: Ridley Scott
Writer(s): Steven Zaillian, Mark Jacobson
Producer(s): Nicholas Pileggi, Branko Lustig, Karen Kehela-Sherwood
Distributor: Universal Pictures Distribution
Tagline: There are two sides to the American Dream.
MPAA Rating: R - for violence, pervasive drug content and language, nudity and sexuality.

Movie Casts:

Denzel Washington - Frank Lucas
Russell Crowe - Detective Richie Roberts
Cuba Gooding Jr. - Nicky Barnes
Josh Brolin - Det. Trupo
RZA - Jones
John Ortiz - Javy Rivera
John Hawkes
Ted Levine - Toback
Yul Vazquez - Detective Alphonse Abruzzo
Carla Gugino
Idris Elba
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Norman Reedus - Detective Norman Reily
Roger Bart
T.I. - Nephew
Armand Assante
Common - Turner Lucas
KaDee Strickland - Sheilah
Jon Polito - Rossi
Ruby Dee - Mrs. Lucas
Roger Guenveur Smith - Nate
Melissia Hill - Red Top
Alyxx Morgen - Hot Mom
Leesa Rowland - Angie Dickinson
Adrian Washington - Detective Reynolds
Malcolm Goodwin - Jimmy Zee
Robert Funaro - McCann
Saycon Sengbloh - Tango's Woman
Derrick Simmons - Taxi Cop #1
Monique Dupree - Club goer
Kathleen Garrett - Dominic Cattano's Wife
Sonny Vellozzi - Boxing Fan
Eric Silver - White Kid Buyer
Molyneau DuBelle - Small's Lady
John McVay - Police Officer
Jack Fitz - Hugh Hefner
Kenny Shapiro - NY Undercover
Lymari Nadal
Cris D'Annunzio
Edwin Freeman - Metal Door Worker
Dawn Douglas - Narc Officer w/family in elevator
Brendan Burke - Dead Soldier
Panama Redd - Police Officer
Brian Keith Allen - Narc Detective
Emile Dillon - Tough Teen
Jeff Greene - Metal Door Worker (Fred)
Robert C. Kirk - Police Captain
Joseph Ferrante - Cattano's Bodyguard (as Joe Ferrante)
Joe James - Nicky Barnes Bodyguard
John Hill - Military Police Officer
Tommy Guiffre - Medical Examiner O'Brian
Bryant Pearson - Drug Dealer#2
Bradley Miles - Club Goer
Jason Furlani - Baliff @ Frank's Trial
Gabriel Hansen - Mechanic (Gabe)
John Ramaine - Wealthy Guest
Bobby Beckles - Taxi Cop #2

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