January 29, 2008


Penelope SynopsisThe tale of a young woman overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds to win her Prince Charming has long been a staple of fairy tales but in Penelope, writer Leslie Caveny has given her story a contemporary spin. What if, for instance, the rich and handsome Prince Charming actually turned out to be a total cad, and true love for the heroine rested in the hands of an initially duplicitous card shark? And what if, more importantly, the story was less about a young woman finding true love and more about her learning to love and value herself?

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Release Date: February 29, 2008
Genre: Art, Foreign, Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi and Fantasy
Running Time: 101 min.
Distributor(s): IFC Films, Summit Entertainment, LLC
Tagline: A fairytale like no other.
MPAA Rating: PG for thematic elements, some innuendo and language.

Mark Palansky

Leslie Caveny - Screenplay

Dylan Russell - Executive Producer
Robin Greenspun - Executive Producer
Danny Greenspun - Executive Producer
Andrew Molasky - Executive Producer
Chris Curling - Executive Producer
Christian Arnold-Beutel - Executive Producer
Michael Roban - Executive Producer
Jennifer Simpson - Producer
Reese Witherspoon - Producer
Scott Steindorff - Producer
Leslie Caveny - Co-Producer
Philip Robertson (II) - Co-Producer

Movie Casts:
Christina Ricci - Penelope
James McAvoy - Max
Catherine O'Hara - Jessica Wilhern
Reese Witherspoon - Annie
Peter Dinklage - Lemon
Richard E. Grant - Franklin Wilhern
Simon Woods - Edward Vanderman Jr.
Ronni Ancona - Wanda
Jason Thornton - Shane
Russell Brand
Martin Nigel Davey - Street Vendor
Tallulah Evans - Little Girl - Photo Booth
Michael Feast
Nick Frost - Max Campion
Burn Gorman - Larry
Christina Greatrex
Nigel Havers
Jillian Henry - Young Penelope (voice)
Lenny Henry - Krull
Paul Herbert - Leonard Wilhern
Richard James - Card Dealer
Richard Leaf - Jack the Barman
Rubria Marcheens Negrao - Hotel clerk
Nick Shafer - (voice)
John Voce - Duty Cop

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