February 2, 2008

Chicago 10

Chicago 10 SynopsisCHICAGO 10 tells the story of the buildup and unraveling of the Chicago Conspiracy trial not as “history,” but as an electrifying experience felt with up-to-the-moment immediacy. Interweaving footage of the brutal clashes between police and demonstrators at the 1968 Democratic convention with 3D animated reenactments of the outrageous trial that followed it, Morgen turns the audience into eyewitnesses of violent turmoil and absurdist spectacle. Set to a blazing soundtrack that ranges from Black Sabbath and Steppenwolf to the Beastie Boys and Eminem, “Chicago 10” is a stirring account of young Americans taking a stand in the face of an oppressive government—a story with deep resonance to the world of today.

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Release Date: February 29, 2008
Genre: Documentary, Animation, Politics and Religion
Running Time: 103 min.
Distributor(s): Roadside Attractions
MPAA Rating: R for language and brief sexual images.

Brett Morgen

Brett Morgen - Screenplay

William M. Pohlad - Executive Producer
Laura Bickford - Executive Producer
Jeff Skoll - Executive Producer
Diane Weyermann - Executive Producer
Peter Schlessel - Executive Producer
Ricky Strauss - Executive Producer
Graydon Carter - Producer
Brett Morgen - Producer
Alison Beckett - Associate Producer

Movie Casts:
Megan Armitage - (voice)
Hank Azaria - Himself (voice)
Baker - David Dellinger / David Stahl (voice)
Boat - Norman Mailer - Marshal 1 (voice)
David Dellinger - Himself (archive footage)
Debra Eisenstadt - Mary Ellen Dahl - Waitress (voice)
Daniel Hagen - Aznavoorian, Meany, Murray, Oklepek, Weaver, Bailiff
Abbie Hoffman - Himself (archive footage)
William Kunstler - Himself (archive footage)
Nick Nolte - Thomas Foran (voice)
Jerry Rubin - Himself (archive footage)
Mark Ruffalo - Himself (voice)
Roy Scheider - Judge Julius Hoffman (voice)
Liev Schreiber - Himself (voice)
Bobby Seale - Himself (archive footage)
James Urbaniak - Richard Schultz / Rennie Davis (voice)
Leonard Weinglass - Himself (archive footage)
Jeffrey Wright - Bobby Seale (voice)

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