April 15, 2008


Anamorph SynopsisWhen a reclusive detective (Willem Dafoe) is drawn into the case of a serial killer who is enacting anamorphosis - a painting technique that manipulates the laws of perspective - only with human bodies; he is thrust into a dark and unsettling underworld that threatens to reveal the secrets of his tormented past.

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Release Date: April 18, 2008
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Crime and Gangster
Running Time: 103 min.
Distributor(s): First Take (IFC)
MPAA Rating: R for disturbing grisly images, some violence and language.

Henry Miller

Henry Miller - Screenplay
Tom Phelan - Screenplay

Campbell Miller - Executive Producer
Marissa McMahon - Producer

Movie Casts:
Willem Dafoe - Stan
Scott Speedman - Carl
Peter Stormare - Blair
Clea DuVall - Sandy
James Rebhorn - Brainard
Amy Carlson - Alexandra Fredericks
Yul Vazquez - Jorge
Don Harvey - Killer
Paul Lazar - Medical Examiner
Edward Hibbert - Gallery Owner
Dennis Albanese - AA Member
Amir Arison - Criminal Profiler
Michael Buscemi - Detective #2
Desiree Casado - Teenage Checkout Girl
Jordan Charney - Review Board chairman
Tandy Cronyn - Moderator
Monique Curnen - Female Student
Stephen Daniels - Reporter #2
Paz de la Huerta - Young Woman
Mick Foley - Antique Store Owner
Lolita Foster - Drink Waitress
Edwin Freeman - Police Officer
Robin Goldsmith - Stone-Faced Detective
Malcolm Goodwin - Museum Guard
Deborah Harry - Neighbor
Marcia Haufrecht - Diner Waitress
Allison Hope - Crime scene photo victim
Robert C. Kirk - Heavy-Set Detective
Tim Lamendola - Off-Duty Detective
Samantha MacIvor - Crystal
Lucy Martin - Uptight Woman
David McDaniel - Board Member
Robert McKay - Detective #1
Martin Pfefferkorn - AA Member
Sharrieff Pugh - ECT Technician
Nicolas Quilter - Dead Man At Tugboat
Gary Ray - Officer #1
Cassandra Seidenfeld - NYPD Officer
Barbara Sicuranza - Forensic Technician
Ashley Springer - Jeff Sarno
Paul Sutt - Hanged Man
Elizabeth West - Reporter #1
Billy Wheelan - Young Man
Virginia Wing - Board Member

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