April 15, 2008

Falling For Grace

Falling For Grace SynopsisGrace Tang is an ambitious Wall Street banker determined to work her way up the ladder of life and out of working-class Chinatown. She seems to have done exactly that with an Associate position at a top notch Wall Street investment bank. But more than anything, Grace yearns to be part of the Upper East Side socialite world.

When Grace finally receives that elusive invitation to the Opera's prestigious Junior Committee Meet & Greet, she is prepared to shine. What she isn't prepared for, however, is being mistaken as "the Grace Tang" of the Shanghai Tangs, a heiress from Hong Kong. But before Grace can correct the situation, she is introduced to Andrew Barrington, Jr., one of the most eligible bachelors of New York City and she decides to run with her new identity.

What follows is a whirlwind ride of romance and white lies, where we are offered a glance into the greed and pressures of Wall Street and the human side of Chinatown - two worlds which unknowingly interconnect and affect one another. When Grace and Andrew's world finally collide, through humor, romance, heartbreak and forgiveness, Grace ultimately learns to accept herself for whom she is.

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Release Date: April 15, 2008
Genre: Comedy and Romance
Running Time:
Tagline: For anybody who's ever wanted to be somebody.
MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for language.

Fay Ann Lee

Fay Ann Lee
Karen Rousso

Fay Ann Lee

Movie Casts:
Gale Harold - Andrew Barrington, Jr.
Fay Ann Lee - Grace
Michael Ariemma - Control Room Director
Billy Asher - Jim
Christine Baranski - Bree
Laura Benanti - Alexandra
Lewis Black - Rob York
Jeff Blumenkrantz - Richard
Peter Bron - Broker
Leanne Cabrera - Seamstress
Natalie Caron - Cafe Patron
Wayne Chang - Chinese Waiter
Cindy Cheung - Kari Mills
Clem Cheung - Ba
Fiona Cheung - Seamstress
Margaret Cho - Janie
Tim Cinnante - Bartender
John Cooney - Salesperson
Tania Deighton - Diane
Laura Derby - Janice Douglas
Jennifer Dilley - Girl at swim competition
David N. Dinkins - Himself
Sal Di Piazza - Delivery Man
Steven Drukman - Colleague
Kandiss Edmundson - Liz
Gretchen Egolf - Bridget
Ato Essandoh - Jamal
Tim Ewing - Jonathan Schwartz
Bobby Flay - Himself
Adam Ian Gelfand - Bartender
Mikal Saint George - Playboy
Ileen Getz - Salesperson
Michelle Glick - ABBA Dancer
Alex Greene - Golfer
Nick Gregory - William
Jonathan Hadary - Max
Ward Horton - Banker
Matt Jade - Messenger Service Boy
Ed Jewett - Gary
Brian Jose
Randall Duk Kim - Mr. Hung
Ken Leung - Ming
Jerome Loston - French Waiter
Stephanie March - Kay
Darryl Meadows
Tanda Mercer - Restaurant / Bar Patron (as Tanda)
Martha Millan - Elizabeth
Garett R. Nadrich - Dinner Guest
Robert Perillo - Admissions Clerk
Sarah Rafferty - Catherine
Roger Rees - Barrington Sr.
Robert Rickenbaker
Stephen Rinkacs - Waiter
Kali Rocha - Carla
Gregory Scarnici - Stock Brocker
Steve Sirkis - Stock Broker
Elizabeth Sung - Ma
John Walsh - Clark Douglas
Stephanie Wang - Dr. Takashi
Monica West - Girl Behind the Counter
Nicole Wilson - ABBA Dancer
Virginia Wing - Mrs. Hung
Johnny Francis Wolf - Dancer in Ballroom / Man on Stairs / Stand-in for Gale Harold
Keo Woolford - Butler
Debora Yung - Factory Waif

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